First, let me apologize for preaching to the choir. Everyone I know on Tumblr has been super cool and one of the reasons I love Tumblr is there is a lot of built-in equity.

Selektor Magazine just posted the first 100 photographers that they have…

I’m loving how this has become a really supportive list in which we can all shout out each other and tell people “hey this person is a good photographer and you should look out for them”. Some people that I will add to this list are

Cheyenne Sophia 

Lauren Crow

Wenxin Zhang

Hannah Schuster

Azha Ayanna (of shade mag, which Hobbes mentioned earlier)

Yui Fukunaga 

Maisie Cousins 

and i’m sure that there are many many more that I am forgetting

Wowie. Well, I feel like a lot of the wonderful women photographers I follow are on here. I was thinking about how bummed I was about the lack of WoC, but this. THIS. THIS. Look at this list of incredibly talented lady photographers just in the realm of tumblr. AMAZING.
Adding to this mother as best I can.
+Chiara Cianniello
+Rita Castro
+Bonnie Thunderstorms
+Lauren Randolph
+Megan McIsaac
+Taylor M. Meredith
+Laura Taylor
and yours truly :)